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Nos services-conseils visent la croissance des activités de nos clients. Nous mettons à votre disposition notre vaste expertise fonctionnelle en matière de technologie, de développement de produits, de RD, de gestion de projet, d’acquisition de contrats B2G, de stratégie commerciale, et de soumissions et de propositions, et nous la combinons à notre approche stratégique des marchés publics. Nous collaborons étroitement avec nos clients afin de jumeler leurs vastes connaissances commerciales à notre expertise. Nous parvenons ainsi à créer des solutions adaptées qui augmentent considérablement leurs chances de réussite dans le cadre d’appels d’offres concurrentiels. Nos services sont synergiques, c’est-à-dire qu’ils sont en phase avec le processus d’approvisionnement du gouvernement pour les achats importants et complexes.


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Notre équipe d’experts rédige et soumet votre soumission. Profitez de notre expérience et de notre savoir-faire pour remporter davantage de contrats et faire croître votre entreprise.




Processus des marchés publics

The Challenge

In an increasingly complex and competitive world, the traditional waterfall bid process can be slow, costly, and misaligned with the needs of your business. This leads to missed opportunities, wasted resources and a stretched workforce.

Our proprietary Dynamic Lead to Award methodology combines the Lean 6 sigma approach with MIT' latest research on Dynamic Work Design. The result: tailor-made Bid Desk Capabilities that elevates your bidding process, eliminates waste and gives your proposal teams more time to produce high-quality work

The Solution

Key Benefits and Expected Results:

1. Quality and Efficiency improvement
2.Seemless employee onboarding experience 
3. Improved employee engagement

10%-50% cost savings

10%-20% improvement in turnaround time


        Maturity Assessment

Your assessment is done in 2 steps. We begin with an evaluation of your bidding capabilities, strategic business objectives, business development strategy, operational constraints and organizational structure. Next we benchmark your capabilities against our 5-phase maturity framework and provide actionable insights.

         Lead to Award Process Design

Our proprietary Dynamic Lead to Award (DL2A) design process goes beyond the traditional waterfall method.  We will design agility and flexibility in your workflow and deliver a customized roadmap for your specific situation targeting the gaps between your current "As-is" State versus the  desired "To-Be" state.


        Bid Desk Implementation

From documenting new processes to creating custom templates and providing comprehensive training, we ensure smooth implementation and stakeholder engagement. Our “Do-it-with-you” post-implementation approach guarantees a successful deployment. We also offer hands-on guidance during two bids to ensure seamless integration into your workflow.  

Bid Managemenent Support

The Challenge

Bids and proposals teams often have to work with limited time, personnel and budget. This leads to a vicious cycle of low-quality bids, a drop in win rate, diminished employee morale and increased employee turnover.

The Solution

Our Bid Management support offers a comprehensive solution to the multifaceted challenges of bidding in today's competitive environment. With a focus on strategic alignment, customization and efficiency we create a virtuous cycle of improved win rate, enhanced employee morale and longer employee tenure.

Key Benefits and Expected Results:

1. Customized winning proposals
2. Reduced employee stress and employee turnover 
3. Actionable insights

4. Improved Win rate

Our track record speaks for itself:

81% win rate over 200+ bids and proposals


       Bid Management

We will oversee the entire bidding process, define strategies, and coordinate resources, ensuring alignment with industry standards and client goals.

        Proposal Management/ Writing

 We tailor proposals to client needs, facilitate collaboration, and manage the creation process, including revisions and feedback.


       Bid Evaluation/ Scoring

We use a tried and true bid evaluation framework to provide a forensic assessment, actionable insights, and unbiased evaluation to optimize bid success.

Strategic Bid Capture

The Challenge

Winning bids in today's business world isn't easy. Companies have to know their competition, come up with plans to beat them, figure out who to partner with, and then make a plan to get the job done. Any mistakes along the way can mean losing out on big opportunities. 

The Solution

By focusing on client-specific challenges and tailoring our strategies accordingly, our Strategic Capture Management professionals not only prepare organizations for the bids they face today but also equip them with tools and insights to conquer the challenges of tomorrow. Win more lucrative and profitable contracts so you can grow and scale your business.

Key Benefits and Expected Results:

1. Tailored Strategies
2. Robust Commercial Partnerships

3. Increased over intake 

Our goal is to help you grow and scale your business.

Our track record over 20+ years is winning $2.1B of new business

Win Strategy & Competitive Assessment

Commercial & Partnership Strategy


Our comprehensive approach begins by analyzing your company's current position. Leveraging standardized tools like the Bidder Comparison Matrix or SWOT analysis, we unearth both stated and unstated customer issues. After understanding the competition, we pivot towards improving your competitive standing, focusing on distinct value propositions and price-to-win strategies.

We have  mastered the art of forming and optimizing partnerships. Through a thorough seven-step methodology, we help you determine if teaming is essential, identify the right partners, and navigate through the nuances of partnerships.


Our approach to developing a capture plan is iterative and tailor-made. Based on bid complexity criteria, we craft plans that address specific client needs while ensuring alignment with broader business goals. Through modern collaboration tools, these plans remain agile and adaptable.


Capture Development Plan


Nos services-conseils en approvisionnement touchent tous les secteurs. Toutefois, notre intérêt se tourne vers l’aérospatiale et la défense, le transport, la construction et l’aménagement de villes intelligentes. Comme nous avons su tirer des leçons pertinentes de ces industries aux processus d’approvisionnement très complexes, nous offrons une valeur ajoutée à nos clients en recoupant les pratiques exemplaires dans leurs secteurs respectifs. Nos services sont particulièrement efficaces dans le cas d’achats gouvernementaux complexes de produits à caractère technologique autres que ceux de base.

Pourquoi Nous

"Winning isn't everything, It's the only thing"

Value of Proposals won


Proposals delivered


Win Rate


  • Expérience : Plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans le secteur privé et plus 50 ans d’expérience dans le secteur public

  • Expertise: Technologie, gestion de projet, stratégie, soumissions et propositions

  • Orientation client et esprit de partenariat : collaboration étroite avec les clients afin d’adapter leurs soumissions et leurs propositions à des marchés précis

  • Capacité éprouvée d’obtenir d’importants contrats gouvernementaux (plus de 500 M$)

  • Vaste réseau de collaborateurs dans divers secteurs et au sein du gouvernement

International Experience

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