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About Hovester Consulting

As Bids and Proposals consultants, we help companies win more bids efficiently by combining our bid desk transformation methodology with Artificial Intelligence technologies.  

Our Mission

At Hovester we have a deep conviction that companies of all sizes deserve an equal opportunity to win contracts across the range of goods and services the government procures. We aspire to create a level playing field for all businesses by combining our Bids and Proposals expertise with the latest AI technologies.


We want you to win big. We want you to smash your targets. But most importantly, we want you to transform lives. Offer your employees a work environment that's less stressful and more rewarding. Because they are your most valuable asset.

About Me


I am Chris, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience specializing in Aerospace and Defence, along with a robust background in International Business Strategy. My career spans roles in B2B and B2G bids and proposals, software engineering, technology solutions, R&D, and Product Management, primarily focused on regulated procurement markets.


I hold an MBA from HEC Montreal and a Mechanical Engineering degree from McGill University. My expertise is further enhanced by a Public Sector Procurement Expert certification and a Yellow Belt in Six Sigma. I am also trilingual, fluent in English, French, and Arabic, which positions me uniquely in international markets.

Why Me

My journey has taken me through demanding environments where my skills in driving tangible results have been consistently proven. I have successfully secured multiple defense contracts valued at over $100 million each, underlining my resourcefulness and result-oriented approach. My commitment to delivering exceptional customer value and business growth is unwavering, backed by a solid track record of successes.

Results that speak for themselves


Value of Proposals Won


Proposals Delivered


Win Rate

What sets me apart is my holistic and systematic approach to problem-solving. I firmly believe that the questions we ask shape the problems we solve. My first question is always, 'What problem are we trying to solve?' I have been described as 'someone who leads with clarity and confidence, making the most intricate projects seem simple.'

Trainings & Certifications

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Speaking Engagements and Industry Contributions

Small and Medium Enterprise Committee member


In my free time, you'll find me engaging with nature and sports: cycling in the summer, hiking during fall, and skiing in the winter. However, my favorite pastime is spending quality time with my children, whether it’s watching movies, playing soccer, or cheering on my daughter at her volleyball matches.


Team Meeting

About You

You are a forward-thinking professional that understands the challenges associated with responding to complex bids in a very competitive government contracts environment. 

You are committed to:

Maintaining high win rates

Increasing your market share

Hitting quarterly revenue targets

Offering a rewarding environment for your team

Managing your resources effectively to produce winning proposals

You face significant challenges:

Onboarding new staff effectively.

Tight deadlines that increase pressure on your team

Limited resources that stretch your teams to their limits

Repetitive tasks that consume valuable time and reduce efficiency

Declining team morale, adversely affecting both quality of life and work

You feel overwhelmed with:

Starting AI initiatives

Defining AI goals and use-cases

Integrating AI into your operations

Upskilling your team to be AI ready

You are skeptical about:

Hiring an outside consultant that doesn’t understand the intricacies of your business, your specific needs, and the products and services you deliver.

Despite these hurdles, you aspire to a future where your business not only competes but leads the market. You envision a workplace where strategic and high-value tasks take precedence, enhancing your company's competitive edge and market share while reducing employee turnover and increasing job satisfaction.

Does this sound like your reality?

If so, I invite you to book a free 30-minute consultation. We’ll dive into your business specifics and assess how my expertise can guide you towards your goals.

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